Practice makes.....permanent, so be careful what you practice!

One of my favourite sayings in coaching!

As a general rule, we know that practice makes 'permanent' or certainly re-enforces and deepens an action through electrical signals travelling through a chain of neurons (a circuit of nerve fibres) that is then insulated by myelin which wraps around these nerve fibres and increases signal strength, speed, and accuracy.  The more we fire a circuit, the more myelin optimises that circuit and the more 'permanent' that action becomes (see The Talent Code, Chapter 2, 'The deep practice cell').

It's therefore important to pay close attention to what we practice.  Practice the wrong action (one that won't improve the efficiency or effectiveness of a shot for example), and there may be more work to 'un-do' what's been done and build new, more powerful circuits.

So, only perfect practice makes perfect, but I prefer simply to use the phrase, 'practice makes permanent so be careful what you practice!'

And speaking of practice, here's the last in a little mini-series this week on shot feelings or in fancier terms, a kinaesthetic approach to developing skill. 

Have a good day.