Sharpen your movement with three options after an 'even split step'

Different game situations require different solutions and decisions and this is no different when it comes to footwork.

In today's video 

 we explore the 'even split' (when feet land together) and the movement options from it.

So off an 'even split' we can choose to:

1) Shift our weight onto one foot and move (perhaps more often on 'easier' balls in close proximity)

2) Step out in any direction - very often with an 'opposite force' step (not shown today but will explore this tomorrow) - where a more urgent movement is required in any direction

3) Drop step and move (drop a foot under our centre of gravity to initiate a sprint or when we've been wrong footed)

Have a go practicing these at home today, in the kitchen, garden, drive-way - wherever!  Either shadows with or without a racket, or grab a family member to feed you a few balls!