Sometimes when things are taken away, it's only then that we truly appreciate them

That's what they say isn't it?

When things are taken away, it's only then that we truly appreciate them.

The last couple of days I have felt this keenly.

I have been playing tennis for over 45 years and coaching for 30 odd, so naturally it can be taken for granted.  

But it is a sport that has given and taught me so much, and one that has enabled me to earn a living and provide for my family.  The feeling of appreciation I have for it and for all those who have helped and supported me along the way, and for those who are loyally coming back to coaching after lockdown is immense, so thank you tennis and thank you to all our customers at Halton Tennis Centre and Everyball Tennis who are back supporting our sport and profession.

The LTA has also been a superb support to clubs and coaches during this time.  Important to recognise this, so thank you governing body.

I managed a little volley work-out on the ball machine yesterday which was fun.  Same reception (ball sent in by the machine) but different projections (volleys) by me based on my changing court position and shot intention.

I'm currently offering some one-off 'back to tennis' video analysis sessions to get players back quickly and safely to their games.  Contact me for further info if you'd like at