The consequences of not improving...

I was going through some old paper-work the other day and came across a set of excellent reflective questions to consider as a Coach (but of course replace coach with any other profession and/or parenting) which I thought I'd post today:

  • Do you want to be a better coach? [Great question - some coaches are perfectly happy as they are, making enough money, have enough clients and may well ask 'why do I need to invest in my own personal development?']
  • What are consequences of NOT becoming a better coach?' (particularly in the environment we might return to after lock-down)
  • What is your influence over your current programme/club/place of work?  How do you impact upon it?  Are you an adder or subtractor, multiplier or divider?
  • Behaviour is very much connected by what they (clients/club members etc) SEE not by what they hear.  What do your players, colleagues, clients SEE of you [in terms of your behaviours]?
  • What is 'acceptable' and what is 'exceptional' in your coaching?  What's the minimum line?
  • If we are truly 'athlete centred' a one-size fits all approach simply does not work.  Can you adapt your behaviours and using a range of different communication and intervention styles?  Knowing when to instruct, when to question, when and how to provide feedback, when to shut-up and be quiet, when to praise, to observe and analyse, when to intervene.....
  • Do we as coaches have the same ambition to improve ourselves and our players do?

Speaking of players, here's a little video today on developing more power on the forehand.