The definition of insanity and the rules of results

Doing the same things over and over again expecting different results - that's insanity.

The rules of results state:

1.  The results you are getting are the results you should be getting (no excuses!)

2.  You can't control your results but you can influence them (good to know that not everything is in our control!)

3.  If you want to change your results, you'd better do something differently!

So important for all areas of our life to take responsibility for these rules, and of course, no more so than on the tennis court where making the same error twice in a row without looking to adjust/change something is just...lazy!

The P.A.S principles (as outlined yesterday) are a great in the moment problem solving tool that all players regardless of ability can apply to their games.  See how I use them today add more length to my rally forehand in the following video.


Fix the path and angle (of the racket at contact) and it's the speed that will change ball outcome

Fix the path and speed and it's the angle that will change ball outcome.

Fix the speed and the angle and it's the path that will change ball outcome.

Important note: it's always the path, angle, speed of the racket at contact.