The determining getting back to tennis? In controlling the ball?

There are influencing factors - things that contribute towards a certain outcome.

And there are determining factors - things that govern a certain outcome.

What will influence and ultimately determine our Government's decision-making on lockdown come the PM's announcement on Sunday evening is no doubt on everybody's mind.  For the tennis community, we wonder when we'll be able to safely get back to playing in some form or other.  We can only still speculate but hold out hope that we are beginning to come through this very challenging period and that there is light at the end of the tunnel, for all of us, in all walks of life.

At a simpler level, in tennis we can measure ball outcome through 5 ball controls - height, direction, distance, speed and spin - and these controls are ultimately determined by the racket at impact - and specifically the:

Path of the racket at impact

  • low to high
  • level 
  • high to low

The angle of racket (face) at impact

  • horizontal (right to left)
  • vertical (how open or closed to the sky)

The speed of the racket at impact

  • acceleration
  • deceleration
  • constant

Over the next few days I'll be exploring how we can manipulate the P.A.S principles to determine the outcome of the ball as measured by the 5 ball controls above.

Here's a little introduction: