The third component to the recovery trinity

In order to recover effectively from my last shot to give myself time to prepare/set-up well for my next shot, we've already looked at 'where' to reposition yourself based on your shot direction, the 'how' (as in what kind of movement patterns), and today we look at the 'by when'.

In this, I like to challenge players to 'beat the bounce of their outgoing ball'  and the video below demonstrates this concept further.

Tomorrow we'll begin to explore the second 'E' in R.E.S.P.E.C.T as we continue the theme of being 'brilliant at the basics rather than having flashes of brilliance!'

'I always had the ultimate goal of being the best, but I approached it step by step.  Fundamentals were the most crucial part of my game in the NBA.  Everything I did, everything I achieved, can be traced back to the way I approached the fundamentals and how I applied them to my abilities.' Michael Jordan