The uneasy dance between past and present....

'Such is the way of tradition, including the biblical tradition.  Some things remain, some are adjusted, and some are discontinued - that uneasy dance between past and present, tradition and change, of feeling grounded through time and yet accepting the need to innovate.'  (Peter Enns - How the Bible Actually works).

Sport has been described as a religion - perhaps football being the obvious. Thousands of people meet in huge cathedrals to worship their god(s), to sing and chant with hands raised, and to commune with others of similar belief.  

And like any religion, sport faces the very same challenge of bridging the past tradition with present circumstances and culture - particularly Tennis.  To hold on to and even rediscover the treasures of the past while reimagining our sport for this day and age with new innovations, ideas and products.  Both matter and both are good.

But ultimately we must take heed to the fact that 'Old wineskins do not have the strength and flexibility to contain the potency of new wine.  As is ferments it will burst the skins.'  Translation being our sport can't be contained in the old ways.

The dance between holding on to certain traditions, what is inherently good about our sport whilst continually moving it forward is a challenge indeed.