Update from Katy Dunne in Japan

Everyball International Academy's Katy Dunne (15 years old, ITF 18&U world ranking of 210) lost first round today in Osaka (Grade A ITF World ranking tournament) to Japan's Rio Kitagawa (14th seed and ranked 103) 6-4, 6-4.

Katy writes: 'Looking to the future.....big lesson of the day is stick to my game and not be dragged into someone else's...respect it but then destroy it. I know that I am right there and can compete at this level even on a slightly off day; just a smidge to go and it will flow ;-) Today my opponent got away lightly though others will suffer the consequences of what I've learned today. Dragged Jane back out onto the practice court late this evening in the dark to get out and strike the ball, maintain my court position and do what I do best!'

Love the response here Katy to a tough first round loss - shows a great 'growth' mentality and clear vision of how you want to play.