What are your strengths? Not just on the court but beyond it....and a little work on the 'power attack' with a 'hit' feeling

I came across a recent definition of 'strengths' as the 'presence of performance and energy'.  I really like this in so much as when we are at our best in given situations there is a potent combination of competency (my performance as shown through a skill, action, behaviour) and energy which perhaps comes from delighting in the humble knowledge of doing something well and 'I'm meant to be doing this/I've worked hard to master this/I enjoy this' type feelings.

Could be a topic at the dinner table today with family or on zoom with a friend or a team you are involved in.

When are you at your best?

What are your strengths? (think performance and energy)

What strengths would you like to develop over the next weeks?

What strengths do you see in those around you?

Can you lift someone up today by affirming their strengths?  'I see in you....',  'when you do this....', 'your strengths are.....'

Back to tennis....is a 'power attack with a 'hit' feeling' one of your strengths?  Could it become one?  Check out today's video: