Whilst the tennis has stopped look who's taking up court space now?!

A fantastic picture taken down at Halton by my good bro Steve James.  Mother duck and her 12 babies have re-positioned themselves on-court safe in the knowledge that no tennis is being played!  Amazing how quickly nature recovers its territory during these times.

Speaking of re-positioning and recovery, here's a little video on perhaps the most common lateral movement pattern when recovering from an 'out-wide' shot.

A few stats on footwork and movement (Tennis Science: Optimising performance on the court)

  • 80% of movement in tennis is lateral
  • Players change direction on average 4.2 times per point (can be up to 15!)
  • Players in a competitive match at pro level can run anywhere between 1-5 miles in distance
  • Most movement is within a 2.5 - 4.0 metre radius