the never ending discussion that is ‘coaching’

Thoughts and musings of Mike James, LTA Master Performance Coach, Consultant and Author

The 5 'sounds' of effort that add to creating an on-court high performance environment

1.  The sound of physical exertion when hustling a ball down and/or exhaling on contact
2.  The sound of clean hitting (tells us about the athletes mental and physical focus)
3.  The squeaking or shuffling sound of feet around the ball
4.  The verbal sounds of player to player encouragement
5.  The coaches adding their 'tions - a motivational comment, a question, a direction, a condition to a drill, an intervention/suggestion, or simply an observation!

Ubuntu - I am because we re

A saying from the African tribe the Xhosa.

I am because we are.

Coaches, players and parents.  I am because we are.

We need each other.

We work in an ecosystem.

We feed off each other yet feed into each other.

We don't just take and live off the system/organism.  That's parasitic behaviour.  It doesn't work. Or maybe it does, for a period of time, for YOU, but no-one else.

Players - you need other players to train with and practice against.  You need a club and a programme that you not only feed off but feed into so others can also gain.

Coaches - the same, making sacrifices and for the good of the programme you're involved in and the athletes you work with.  You will gain twice as much than if you're in it just for yourself.  
Requires some longer term big picture thinking.

I am because we are.