Joshua and Amelie perform well with Josh taking title in Glasgow

Great effort by Everyball's Joshua Oakley and Amelie Brooks in the 10&U G2 Scottish Junior Open Championships held in Glasgow over the weekend.

Joshua (pictured below) won the boys event with a 4-2 4-1 over Freddie Simpson in the final, and Amelie progressed through her round robin box into the main draw finally meeting her match in the quarter-finals to eventual tournament winnner Hannah Read 4-1 4-2.

Congratulations both players for working so hard to get these results.

Warm up for Wimbledon tomorrow with....a game of cricket!!!

Hello all,

Quick message to any Dads and older teens out there who fancy playing a bit of cricket tomorrow.  I am putting (at very late notice due to opposition withdrawing) a 'Rest of world select team' to play Northchurch cricket club (Sunday friendly) from 2pm at Northchurch cricket club (near Berkhamsted).

Need to have played a bit and can cobble together some whites.  Text me if you are up for it!

07958 008312

Want to slay Giants?

Then bring the bread and cheese first. Do the menial jobs, the boring work, the endless drills, time on the bike, the treadmill, behind the computer.  Whatever it is, get the basic work done first and do it well.

David, the David who slew Goliath, began by bringing bread and cheese to his brothers on the battle field.  He ended up a giant killing hero.

Hit another hundred serves. On the back court. Where no one is watching. Early in the morning when it's the last thing you WANT to do.

What we want to do is not always what we need to do.

That's your bread and cheese.

(Inspired by Rob Bell and his recent book 'How to be here')

Holly's purposeful walk towards Wimbledon

Great job Holly in battling through to take out the No. 2 seed Emily Webley-Smith (WTA 530)  3-6, 6-2, 6-3 in Wimbledon Ladies Pre-qualifying event at Aorangi Park today. Holly will be back to continue her bid to qualify tomorrow against Laura Deigman, a friendly and well known face to us at Halton who also won through today against Emma Hurst 6-3 6-4.

Dreadful comparisons

Inevitable that we compare ourselves to others.  Especially in the individual nature of our sport.  But it's not healthy.

See what Rob Bell from his book 'How to be here' has to say:

Decide now that you will not spend your precious energy speculating about someone else's life and how it compares with yours.

We each have our own life, our own blinking line, and every path has its own highs and lows, ups and downs, joys, challenges, and difficulties.

When you compare yourself with others, you have no idea what challenges they are facing.

We rob ourselves of immeasurable joy when we compare what we do know about ourselves with what we don't know about someone else.

You have your life.
And your life is not her life.  Or his life.
And his life is not yours,
and neither hers.

There will always be someone who's smarter than you.  There will always be someone with more raw talent than you.  There will always be someone more experienced and better qualified and harder working and stronger and more articulate and more creative with more stamina who can sing better than you.

But who you aren't isn't interesting.

And who they are isn't interesting when it comes to who you are and what your path is.