Halton LTA LPDC (Local Player Development Centre) Programme in action at Everyball Tennis, HaltonUK

Great detailed work going on here with lead Halton LPDC coach Christian Colvin putting players through their paces last night.

Great squad environment.  

Working within an integrated approach towards our Everyball vision for player development:

Players of the game (tactical), skill-full (technical), competitive (mental - 'personal best', 'you versus you'), and athletic (physical)

Challenge conditions to evoke desired behaviours...(video supported)

The human body self organises against the instability in the system to accomplish its goals.

Human movement is complex in that we cannot predict cause and effect and that it is characterised by non-linear behaviour:

- small changes can make huge differences

- large changes can make no difference

Take the simple example of helping a player reduce unhelpful swing on the volley.  Providing an old 'unforgiving' wooden racket whereby timing becomes more challenging encourages the player to keep the racket close to intended contact (thread the needle) and fiercely watch the ball.