Free taster 'Miss - Hits' sessions created by Judy Murray at Halton Tennis Centre

For Girls 4-8 years old who are new to tennis
Tuesday 4th August: 12.15 – 1pm 
Tuesday 18th August 12.15 - 1pm
Tuesday 25th August 12.15 – 1pm

Please email to book on.

Judy Murray (Mother of Wimbledon champion Andy Murray) has launched Miss-Hits - a fun starter tennis program for girls age 4-8. Halton have run a Miss-Hits block over the last year to great success with all girls continuing with Mini Tennis. 

So what is Miss-Hits?  It's a 12-week programme, split into two x 6-week blocks. It's an indoor activity, which means we can use slow-moving, fun, colourful equipment that won't blow away in the wind or get wet. And neither will the kids!  The girls learn about a new character each week, Faith Forehand, Bella Backhand etc. that correlate to a tennis shot. Session starts off with a warm up dance to music with stickers, glitter and more! It gives the girls an opportunity to be active in a relaxed, fun environment. 

WHY? In tennis we have 4 times as many boys as girls coming into our sport, so you can see something is needed to be done to get more girls trying and enjoying tennis! 

Everyball tennis is looking forward to hearing from you, give it a go, why not??