Try the Koala challenge today.....

'The thing we call success' and some throwing for your 'stay at home practice' today

Hi everyone,

Going through some old stuff yesterday I came across this poem given to me by my coach over 35 years ago as a teenager in Tucson, Arizona.  Think it's pretty apt for our current times...

The Thing we call Success

Success is speaking words of praise, 

In cheering other people's ways,

In doing the best you can,

With every task and every plan.

It's silence when your speech would hurt,

Politeness when your neighbour's curt,

It's deafness when the scandal flows,

And sympathy with other's woes.

It's loyalty when duty calls,

It's courage when disaster falls,

It's patience when the hours are long,

It's found in laughter and song,

It's in the silent time of prayer,

In happiness and despair,

In all life and nothing less,

We find the thing we call success


For your 'stay at home practice' today try working at these 3 different throws, all of which have implications for your tennis and of course other sports!

'Contrasting skills' is a key principle in skill acquisition - try this 'slice-top-slice-top' exercise today

'Slice-top-slice-top' - contrasting racket path, angle of racket face, and grips, can you keep a rally going against the wall with one slice then one topspin shot.  How many in a row?

Work on your rally skills today beginning with a 'self-rally'

For our Mini Tennis players but creative adaptions can be made of course for all levels.  A 'self-rally' using legs to 'lift' the ball to just above head height keeping racket face flat and wrist stable.  Progress from forehand to backhand and then alternating.

Another day of glorious sunshine - let's try and enjoy what's been given to us to enjoy in a responsible way!

It's a little work on the serve today....

Hi folks,

Stay as active and positive as you can and enjoy what you can of this lovely weather! (whilst not ignoring school work!)

A couple of little exercises on the serve today - kneeling down so not gonna burn too many calories but a couple of key aspects to developing a great serve.  Pronation - the outward turning of forearm and wrist to present the racket face to the ball (assuming continental grip and you are approaching the ball with the edge of the racket), and internal rotation of the hitting shoulder/upper-arm which can contribute to up to 70% of your power on the serve within a shoulder over shoulder action.

Have fun with it