A few interesting questions....

For us as coaches (and perhaps also in the parenting arena), and in turn the athletes we work with, to consider:

1. Are your athletes practicing/training unsupervised? 2. Doing pre-hab and re-hab unsupervised? 3. Competing unsupervised? 4. Are your athletes relying on you (the coach) to correct them on elements your have covered in the past? 5. Are your athletes relying on you to continually correct them on elements they will have to sort out on their own in a competitive environment? 6. Are your athletes relying on you to get them motivated or to maintain commitment during training sessions? 7. Are your athletes able to accurately self-reflect, review performances and training sessions?

A motivational coach is the coach who causes their athletes to ‘take action’ and instills or breathes into them good habits, values, and ethos. In this, the ‘meaning of our communication can only be measured by the response we get.’

A motivated athlete will move from a more ‘dependant upon’ the coach relationship at a young age, to a more ‘inter-dependent with’ the coach relationship as they get older. The key is to manage this journey well and to remember that at player without a coach will always be a player, whilst a coach is only a coach if they’ve got a player to work with!

One of our key values as Everyball Tennis is that of P.R.I.D.E - A personal responsibility in developing excellence. This can be taken on by both player and coach, the key word being ‘responsibility’ or ’the ability to respond’.

This week, what will your ‘ability to respond’ be like?

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Club Champs 2014

A great day of tennis down at Halton yesterday. Superb junior event in the morning and 21 adult finals played in the afternoon with some incredibly close and exciting matches. Perfect weather, new clay courts got a great run-out and pig roast and dancing in the evening. Well done all!

Great job Sebastian Harris!

In winning the Berkshire 14&U County Closed and finishing runner-up in the 16s. A great effort especially in light of the fact that Seb spent the majority of the year unable to train and compete due to injury. A great testimony of your determination and desire to stay in the game Seb! Well done also to Seb's supporting cast during this time, Jane (Mum), Guti (individual coach) and Dom (S&C coach).

Bucks Junior County Closed finals day today

Very best to all Everyball Players involved in finals today. Isabelle Marshall (training player) in 14&U and 16&U girls final, Miles Groom and Josh Bright in a local derby in the 10&U boys final, Daniel Dean in the 14U Boys final, Ben Smith in the 12U final, and Jake Williams in the 18U final.

Great job Alice Taylor and Alexa Wilson pictured below. Girls 12U doubles winners!