Committing to Everyball - our ethos described in words and pictures

"We are committed to fight for every ball, to run down every ball and to play every ball with courageous purpose. We see every ball as an opportunity to explore our 'becoming selves', our curiosity and creativity. We know that EVERYBALL extends beyond our sport as we learn the fundamental life-skills that enable us to thrive in an ever-changing world" - Mike James, Founder of Everyball Tennis

Lauren Armstrong living out our ethos above. Gave herself a chance to 'miss' on ball 2 and 6 but excellent otherwise!!

New reservation system for Everyball Tennis courses for Spring 2015 - Now live

Did you know that Everyball Tennis runs over 100 tennis and fitness courses at Halton Tennis Centre and partner venues?

Courses for Spring 2015 are now listed online - go to the Halton Tennis Centre website and follow the links to Halton & Outreach Spring '15 Courses.

Everyball courses at Tring are listed on the Tring Tennis Club website (under Coaching)

The new-look forms are designed to improve our communication with course participants and their families, as well as streamline the administration of Everyball courses.

Please let us know how you get on - either send an email to or add a comment here on the blog.

Mini Xmas party

Great afternoon held at Halton for 60+ mini tennis players. Fun session of tennis followed by food and a visit from Father Chritmas! Well done to Sam, Camilla and all your fantastic team of helpers!

Everyball junior box leagues open doors to all players in surrounding chiltern area

Our Everyball junior box leagues (beginning in January with on-line closing date 20th December, GREEN and YELLOW ball) are now open to all junior players (18&U) in the surrounding Chiltern area.  We would recommend you are within half hour of Halton itself for travel purposes.  

To enter please follow this link:

Enjoy some further matchplay, improve your rating, test your skills!

For further information please contact organiser John Bruley - 07824 880075.

Is your motivation extrinsic or intrinsic?

The quality of your motivation matters.  

Extrinsic motivation which is externally generated usually via a carrot and stick approach has generally been recognised as the accepted form of motivation.  If you want people to perform better, you reward them (or far worse threaten them with punishment).  Interestingly (and the subject of a great TED talk) Dan Pink suggests that rewards will ‘narrow the focus’ and solutions, which often are found in the periphery, are missed.  Higher rewards in fact are shown to negatively impact performance. 

Intrinsic motivation, where your motivators are generated from within has a deeper, more powerful impact on performance.

The building blocks of internal motivation are these (AMP):

Autonomy - The urge to direct our own lives

Mastery - To get better and better at something that matters

Purpose - The yearning to do what we do in the service of something larger than ourselves

I see this born out time and time again on the courts.  Young players who have a growing sense of ownership and responsibility over their tennis and have that mastery driver - the desire to get better and better at something that matters - tend to stay in the game longer and therefore give themselves the best chance of success.  Players whose world revolves external drivers (rating, ranking, finance or material gain for example) will often find careers cut short.  Be intrinsically motivated and the rewards will follow as a bi-product of AMP!

As coaches it is easy to extrinsically motivate players, you don’t have to work too hard or be that creative to do that.  To coach in a way that encourages self-direction, self-regulation, autonomy, and way that inspires a sense of mastery and purpose?  Now that’s coaching!


Young person at first job interview answering the question: 'So what did sport teach you?':

Well, SpoRt taught me the 4 R's:

Respect - I learned to respect the rules, officials, the competition and I learned to respect the value of hard work and commitment

Resilience - I learned to bounce back quickly from disappointment, ready to 'go again' with my best effort

Responsibility - I learned about 'the ability to respond' by being totally prepared for whatever my sport was going to throw at me

Self-Reflection - simply I learned to reflect on 'what went well' and 'even better if' to enable me to move on and get better each and every day

Thousands of young people about to hit the courts, the pools, the pitches, and the gyms this morning. Don't underestimate the value of what you are learning!

Everyball Tennis - our promise is to educate, motivate and inspire through the power of sport to help you become the best you can be.