Dweck and potential - so what is talent?

Dr Carok Dweck's definition of potential: 'the ability to develop skills with effort over time.'

Everyball definition of talent then is 'the ability to develop skills with effort over a shorter period of time!'

That goes for the talented player and coach.

It's still about skills, effort and time!

Everyball Hard core No.2

Beat the bounce of the incoming ball - Kvitova has just completed her set up phase behind the ball prior to its bounce and is beginning the power producing phase driving her weight from the back foot, racket poised to drop below contact. Note practice partner other end making split step to be timed at contact with athletic look (hard core no. 1)

Pursuing those things we do not know we don't know - what does this mean for the coach and the athlete?

'There are known knowns; there are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns; that is to say, there are things that we know that we don't know.  But there are also unknown unknowns - there are things we do not know we don't know.' Sec of State Rumsfeld in a 2002 press briefing about US intelligence on Iraq's possible possession of weapons of mass destruction. (From 'Make it Stick')

Halton and Tring Tennis adult club box leagues - open for entry! Singles and Doubles

Hello all members (Halton and Tring Tennis Clubs),


Now that we have managed to catch our breath from a busy summer, its time to turn our attention once again to our Winter box leagues, both singles and doubles.


I’m really excited to announce that this year there will be a number of changes.  We have enlisted John Bruley (who currently runs Everyball junior match play events for us as well as his own Competitions services business) to manage our box leagues.  He will be using the LTA’s own TTP (Tennis Tournament Planner) that he is incredibly well versed in.  John has a very relaxed ‘way’ but will also be just that little bit removed to be able to move matches/boxes along should that be required!


The other new addition for the leagues is a ‘leader board’ that John will create through the rounds and this leader-board will culminate in a one-day ‘box league finals day’ in late Spring before the summer season begins.  This will mean that all players, regardless of standard will get a chance to compete in the box league finals should they really commit (and of course win a few matches as well!).  John will communicate how the leader board will work in due course, but points will be awarded for matches played, games and matches won etc.


General rules and format will be the same as last year with matches being two short sets to 4 (7 point Tie-breaker at 4-4) with a 10 point championship Tie-breaker in case of 3rd set.  Indoor courts at Halton can be booked for box leagues at £10.00 per hr for singles and £16.00 for doubles.  Where matches are played between Tring and Halton members, agreement is to be made between competitors as to whether match is to be played at Halton or Tring.  We will publish closer to the time, best times to book indoor courts, and when best court availability is for matches to be played outdoors.


The box leagues have now been set up and are open for entry online under tournament code BUC14W6201.  The link below will take you straight to the correct page of the LTA website.  It is very important to add your partner when entering the doubles - this is done at the checkout stage.




Members entering on-line will need to have a British Tennis Membership number.  If you do not have this, please email John direct with your details and he can enter you manually and/or direct you as to how to get a BTM (for free!).  John’s details: mobile +4407824880075, email: competition@everyball.net


Link to enter:



Many thanks indeed, and please forward your queries to John with the above contacts.