The importance of other sports

Whilst fully encouraging and endorsing a dedicated Strength and Conditioning programme for our athletes, we also believe that playing other sports continues to be of immense value and importance in developing the tennis player.

We need to look no further than Murray, Nadal and Federer who all played football into their teens.  It's fantastic to see Everyball players fully engaged in other sports that will only serve to grow their overall physical literacy as displayed be Amelia Barton (below) on the Lacrosse field.  Great concentration, agility and balance Amelia!!

Great job Bethan!

Superb job to Bethan Miles on winning the 9&U Bucks County Closed at the end of August.  We can celebrate this now Bethan with this great picture!  Well done!

A new year underway!

The first week of training underway with new coach Javier Gutierrez (aka 'Guti') bringing his extensive experience from the Bruguera Academy in Barcelona to Halton. See Guti in action below.

We are also very pleased in the appointment of Neale Proud as our new Head of Mini Tennis. More of a local boy Neale also brings a wealth of experience, particularly at Mini Tennis but also across all areas of club coaching and development.

Finally, Gavin Mckinlay, recently crowned Bucks U18 county champion, member of the Bucks Senior County Team and current Club Champion will spend his gap year with us on the EBI team as Pro Hitter and Level 2 LTA assistant coach.

We are delighted with these three fantastic appointments and welcome
Guti, Neale and Gavin warmly into the team.

Boot camp begins

A week of boot camp begins! Great job last night as players set tone for the term. Quote for week by Pat Riley: 'Without conditioning you have nothing'

Thought for the day - do's and don'ts

'You're too close to the ball' 
'Racket preparation is late'
'You're setting too soon'
'Contact point is too low/high/close/far away'
'You didn't move your feet there'
'You didn't use your hips'
'Too much swing on that volley'
'You were leaning back'
 'You're opening up your body too soon'

And so it goes on.....

I tell my kids at the breakfast table, 'don't spill the milk!' and what do they do? SPILL THE MILK.  Why?  Because they now have an image of spilling milk in their heads - they didn't hear the 'don't'.  

With our feedback, let's help players develop an image of what to do, rather than what not to do.  Try and turn the above statements into positive action rather than negative - it's quite tough!  Perhaps a comment on how we are so prone to look for the negative, because the positive can be so challenging to frame.

New S&C Coach joins the team!

  We are delighted to announce that, after an exhaustive process, we have appointed Gemma Elliott-Wetton to come on board as a Strength & Conditioning Coach. Gemma is a UK Strength and Conditioning Association (UKSCA) Accredited Coach and during the recruitment process, she showed herself to be an extremely knowledgeable, dynamic, personable and versatile coach who will undoubtedly positively contribute across all areas of the Performance Programme and to Halton Tennis Centre in general.
No doubt you will all get to know Gemma well in the coming weeks but in the meantime, Welcome to Halton, Gemma!!
Dominic King ASCC
Head of Athlete Development
Everyball International Academy
Halton Tennis Centre

Thought for the day - Aggregate (sum of) marginal gains

Back to British cycling's 'aggregate of marginal gains'.

Aggregate - a collection of items that are gathered together to form a total quantity.

Laura Robson v Kim Clijsters - US Open second round.

Laura takes the ball 0.10 seconds earlier on ball 1 - no real impact.  Takes it 0.10 seconds earlier on the next - a hint of impact.  0.10 second on ball 3 -  Clijsters begins to feel rushed.  0.10 seconds earlier on ball 4 - winner.

This just didn't happen on one isolated point, but point after point through the duration of two long sets.  The sum (or aggregate) impact of taking all those balls just a little earlier earned Laura her biggest win of her young career.

A stand-alone marginal gain won't impact the status quo a great deal, but the sum of many marginal gains will.  Apply that where you will.