David Brailsford - behind British cycling

This from a recent edition of 'Cycle Sport on Line':

“First and foremost, I work for the riders. If there’s something that needs to be done to help any of the riders, I will do it, even if it means staying up half the night. That is what drives me. The coaches too. Is there anything I can do to help Yatesy or Rod or Bobby do their job better? That’s my role, not to get in the team car and start giving Sean tips.”

What type of person thrives in a Brailsford-run organization? “Guys who take responsibility. Guys who will talk about ideas and they’ll put their spin on it and come back with something of their own. I like that. People who don’t need their hands holding. People who aren’t scared to speak the truth. People who don’t want to go with conventional wisdom all the time. People who are open, honest, people who have passion.

“The thing is, there are constantly things going wrong. Every day. If people are coming up to you with problems all the time, they’re not going to last too long. If people just want to moan, that doesn’t chime very well. I hate moaners. But I don’t want people who are overly optimistic either.  “You can write as many mission statements as you like but what you want is people who are on a mission.”

Thought for day...

'Don't do for them the things they can do for themselves.' Develop in them a sense of autonomy, ownership over their lives, goals, and sport. The resulting responsibility or
'ability to respond' under difficult circumstances (the essence of sport) is cultivated in just this way.

Start simple - getting themselves dressed, making beds, doing dishes etc and grow it from there.

And they can carry their own racket bags!

Have a great week.

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All good things...

All good things come to an end...couple of superb weeks in France. 12 hr drive home yesterday listening to most amazing day of Olympics on radio. Arrived home as Hennis wins gold. Superb!!

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