Was telling my wife Suzie this morning about the various meetings I have on today to which she responded, 'too many meetings, that's why we don't have a Wimbledon champion, you're all in meetings! Get on court!!!!'

Barney holds Olympic torch!

Monday 9th July - Olympic torch comes to Stoke Mandeville, Bucks and is held by former Everyball player and current Halton member Barney Smith (number 072).

Formerly coached by EBI's Danny West, Barney was 10&U National Champion whilst at Halton and is now excelling at Reed's School.  Nice job Barney!

Reality of the tour - Jonny Marray, Wimbledon Mens Doubles Champion

Jonny Marray, Wimbledon doubles champion, quoted in an article today by Neil Harman in The Times:

'Being on the road is not easy.  You have to pay for all your flights.  The accommodation is covered by the tournaments most of the time, but I am not getting all the equipment for free, so it is an expensive business.  When you are not winning, you are not earning.  The LTA has actually had a doubles bonus structure in the last few years, which has really helped us guys who are kind of making the transition from Challengers to the tour, because there is a big gulf in the money.  If you are playing Nottingham, say, even if you win it, you are making less than £500, and you are not always winning tournaments.  So that bonus structure has helped us keep going and push on.'

A few thoughts then as we develop players of the future at Everyball.

We need to be very clear of the 'reality' of being a professional player.

You don't earn if you don't win, and if you don't earn you'll be out of a job pretty quick.

You'll only win out there with weapons.  Time now to start developing a 'vision' for a winning game.  The standards are incredibly high - any weakness will be mercilessly exploited, any kink in the armour found out. 

Work hard, work smart, and no kidding ourselves.

Wimbledon juniors

Congratulations to Halton's Everyball International Academy and LTA Team Aegon player Katy Dunne who yesterday won her first round match against American 12 seed Chalena Scholl at Junior Wimbledon. After a strong start Katy closed out the first set only to then drop the first 3 games of the second. However she recovered well showing great composure and courage on the big points and won the match on her second match point. Today, weather permitting, she will play the winner of Petra Uberalova (SLovakia) and Nigina Abduraimova (UZB).

Keep up the great work Katy!!!!

A whole new level

Nice to see the bar being set higher yet again. Sport never fails to do that.  Spain were quite awesome tonight.

Torres the golden boot?!  Wouldn't have believed that mid-way through the premiership season.  Champions League winner, FA cup winner, Euro 2012 winner.  

4-2 down in the 3rd set last night and Murray begins to play to win rather than not to lose.  Wins him the match - funny that.

Bolt loses to Blake in the 100 metres earlier in the week.

England take 2-0 ODI lead over Australia (That's Cricket for my American friends).

Tour de France underway, Cancellara retaining race lead, 7 seconds ahead of Britain's Bradely Wiggins.  Debutant Peter Sagan wins stage one.  Armstrong legacy tainted?

Federer into second week - world number 1 ranking in sight.  Novak will have something to say about that I suspect.  Look forward to seeing them both on centre tomorrow.

Olympic fever building and this is just the calm before the storm?

Grand Union Canal, Berkhamsted, Herts