Sophie falls to Nell Miller at Notts Grade 4 ITF

(Earlier post was written yesterday but only uploaded this morning).  Sophie was unable to recover her 'legs' from the previous day and although fought hard went down 7-5, 6-3 to a feisty, competitive Nell Miller. Sophie will be back up to Nottingham at next week's ITF ready to go again!  Keep up the great work Sophie.

Does sport build character or reveal character?

It's been an excellent Easter period for Everyball players.  Some really fine performances that have ended in wins and also some equally fine performances that have ended in losses.  Some of those losses have been painful - match points coming and going, some tough calls at key moments or pieces of sheer luck by the opposition.  It's the sport we've chosen to play and it really is a brutal scoring system that we have in tennis.

Through some of the really quite tough moments I have seen character 'revealed' in many of you, and tennis has a way of helping us explore the really inner reaches of who we are.  I remember matches that have revealed things in me that I don't particularly like, some real moments when I responded in ways which I would not have wanted or chosen to.  It happens, we are human.  I also remember matches that revealed character in me that I was really pleased me, the better side of me so to speak.  

Yes our sport reveals character first and foremost, but if we so chose, we can also use our sport to build character.  We can become more respectful, more resilient, more responsible, reflective, more humble and honest.  The 'building character' is the tough bit though because this requires conscious choices to 'change' and change, although the only constant in life, is hard.  

This building, this change takes place on the practice court of course.  No better place.  See you out there!

Everyball welcomes Darren Emery to the team!

A warm welcome Darren to Everyball Tennis and Halton Tennis Centre.

Darren is a former top 20 British player who competed internationally and attained an ATP world ranking in both singles and doubles. Outside of Britain, he trained extensively in both Spain and Finland where he was a regular practice partner of then world number 13 Jarkko Nieminen. Following his playing career Darren made the switch to coaching where he has had experience in a wide-range of environments and worked with players of all ages and abilities. He brings enthusiasm, energy and excitement to each session and his greatest professional ambition is to create a more positive, inclusive and effective environment for tennis in Britain. Darren is PTR and LTA Licensed and is currently enrolled on the LTA Level 4 course.

Darren is available immediately for lesson bookings on 07871 493114 or via email on