Everyball welcomes new coach Tom Edis to the team for January 2019

Everyball Tennis would like to warmly welcome Tom Edis to the coaching team at Halton. He will be starting his new post with us in January 2019.

Here is a little background from Tom:

I'm Bucks born and bred, having lived and played tennis in the county all my life (save for a 3 year stint at university), although I've lived in Berkhamsted, and more recently Tring in the last few years. I attended junior county training sessions and competed at Halton many times as a young player, and have continued to visit many time since as a coach. I've been qualified since 2001, and coaching full time since 2004 - specifically at Chesham 1879, where I helped form Challenge Tennis in 2012: a coaching provider that now works at 4 other tennis clubs/venues in the region.

I've been a Bucks County team captain since 2009, working firstly with the 9u's and 10u's, and from 2017 the girls 10u's and 12u's. It's been a privilege to be on court with some of the best junior players Bucks has had to offer, and I also have great experience with players ranging from tots to regional-level mini tennis players, 'rusty rackets' to adult club team members.

I am married to Jess and my little girl Mila will l have her first birthday in January.  Hobby-wise, I support Arsenal and I also enjoy city breaks, walking and spicy food (though not all at the same time!).

Tom is an LTA level 4 Club Coach and also gained his RPT qualification at Sanchez-Casal Academy in Barcelona in 2013.  Tom will be using his extensive experience across all areas of our programme at Everyball Tennis, (Halton Tennis Centre) and no doubt will prove to be a real asset to our team.

Welcome Tom!

Everyball Hard Core No. 3 - 'Beat the bounce of the incoming ball'

When you can set up feet (appropriate stance based on ball received and shot intention), body and racket (unit turn to prepare body and racket as you move into position) 'on balance' behind the incoming ball BEFORE it has landed you have a much greater chance of delivering your best shot.

See this demonstrated really well by Beth Grey in training last week, perfectly poised with weight on back foot to drive through into impact.

Joel & Jasmine headline at the Sunderland Winter National Tour 16&U Grade 2 plus other Everyball news

A superb job so far by both Joel Good and Jasmine Conway as both players reach the semi-finals of the Sunderland WNT 16&U Grade 2 event, both seeing off seeded players along the way.

Joel beat number 3 seed Samuel Macleod in the first round 6-4,6-4, followed by a 6-4, 6-2 win over Harry Cookson, and then took out 8 seed Kristofer Johnson seeded 8 6-4, 4-0 (retired).  He plays Oliver Tarvet in today's semis.  

Jasmine won her first round against qualifier Alice Shields 7-5 6-4 and then went on to take out the second seed Camilla Gretschel 6-2 6-2, followed by a 1/4 final win over Maisie Wood 6-1 6-1.  She plays 6th seed Megan Carmichael  in today's semis.

In other news, Beth Grey (WTA 451) beat Russia's Marina Melnikova (WTA 305) 6-3 6-4 yesterday in the main draw first round of the Oslo 25K.  And closer to home, at our own Everyball Grade 4 County Tour event at Halton, Ben Perkin and Dan Mccay-Brown have won through to the semi-finals of the boys 14&U event.

Video: Dan Mccay-Brown with partner Toma Kerac (and today's singles opponent) serves it up against fellow Everyballers Ben Mccrory and Ben Spencer-Jones.  Dan, where's that re-positioning after the serve to take ball 3 as a forehand?! ;-)  Some great doubles played by all 4 of you - well done!

Many other Everyball players are involved in events over this half-term across the Country - keep us posted with your results!

Meanwhile our half-term tennis camps (toddlers, mini Red, and juniors) are all running this week at Halton, so please contact camp Director Danny West, danny@everyball.net for more information and come out and enjoy the last of this lovely weather!! (or in case of rain, our fantastic indoor facilities at Halton)

'Direct the ball with your body weight'

Arrived early at the National Tennis Centre this morning for some coach education tutor training and managed to catch the beginning of a regional training session (in which Everyballer Amelie Brooks is involved in) led by Martin Weston.

Nice quote by Martin during the warm-up:

'Direct the ball with your body weight.  That's why you need to be neat with your feet and get behind the ball.  That's how you become a chamption.'

Great environment and energy!